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            In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once people multi-task through every day, in a single 5- minute span, it’s like wasting precious time in searching best articles, videos, still there are so many distracting materials, but Our newspaper contains selective articles which can help people improve knowledge, skills with our best articles, because we cover a wide range of interests, including Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Wealth, Education, Career, Business, Real Estate, Household topics, Food, Travel, Devotional, Politics, Local Topics, Current Affairs, News, Art, Kids, Book Summary, Success Stories, Sports, Entertainment, Etc. There are special offers, great ideas for living and amazing discounts, so no matter what the occasion, we’re confident you’ll find something that suits.

            We are trying to offer 100% cashback on a subscription fee, free movie tickets, free cab rides, and various special discount coupons of supermarkets, shopping malls, online shopping sites, various brands and stores, etc. to subscribers as subscription benefits. We also designed a referral Programme for subscribers. Also we are giving Free Sample products to our subscribers.

            Last few years, Coupons have proven themselves to be highly effective sales tools for every type of business. Providing coupons to customers can lead to several benefits for business.Coupon offers are easy to track, so you can count the number of people who redeem a particular offer. Your financial systems should then allow you to calculate how much money each coupon customer has spent, including the value of the coupon and any extra purchases. In the longer term, a good customer database should let you track how many coupon customers visit your business again. Companies that understand the psychology behind special offers create a favorable brand image, deliver happiness to new, returning customers and boost long-term profitability and sales.

            Today every brand is offering coupons deals to grow their business, and so many different platforms are also available that provides coupon. Because of that, people get confused about the offers and deals, which will be right for them and which will be more profitable, because they do not get a proper attention. Coupons, deals and offers which we publish are only for our subscribers, so it will be more special and when people find that they are getting special attention, they get more attracted, effectively they will use coupons for sure. This will create win-win scenarios for shoppers who save money and retailers who grow their sales. We are promoting your brand through our newspaper.

            Product sampling is one of the most important tools a brand has in its marketing arsenal. When implemented correctly, a sampling campaign can be done cost effectively while offering incredibly high customer acquisition rates. Beyond that there are even more benefits to the brands which will cover below.

    Distributing product samples offers brands many benefits including :
  • A product sample allows brands to reach new consumers and target new audiences that may not have found their product otherwise

  • Free product samples encourage existing clients to continue using their current product and/or try new product offerings from the same brand.

  • Drive in-store and online sales through distributing product samples by including a call to action. Stats show that consumers who try the products are more likely to buy them Product sampling allows a brand to receive valuable feedback on new products.

  • New Customers Acquisition

                Product sampling allows brands to reach new customers in a way that most other marketing techniques cannot. By allowing potential customers the ability to try the product on their own time and in their own environment you create a level of comfort related to the product, increasing the chances of creating a new customer. People who have never encountered your brand before can experience it directly with a sample. Once they hear, test, touch, smell and see your product, it starts to make sense what you sell. Targeted product sampling also allows brands to focus on new demographics that may have not tried their product before. Including a call to action with the product sample distributions takes new customer acquisition to the next level.

    Customer Retention

                All consumers and especially those that use your product value special offers and discounts. Take this one step further by offering clients a free sample which goes a long way toward creating brand loyalty. This is also a great opportunity to introduce current customers to new products in your brands line-up they may not be using or even be aware of.

    Drive Sales In-Store and Online

                Product sampling is one of the most effective ways to drive in-store and online conversions. The key to success is to make sure you include a call to action in the form of an online or in-store redeemable coupon. Providing a free sample that includes a 25% off coupon will lead to a much higher conversion rate then just coupons or even product sampling alone.

    Valuable Feedback

                When launching a new brand or just an additional product to your current line-up, customer feedback is a key component to success. Allowing your target audience to demo the product with the ability to provide feedback through a simple online form can weed out any manufacturing or branding defects that may hold back the success of the launch.


                Adding product sampling to your brands marketing campaigns is a sure fire to drive traffic and increase sales by targeting new demographics. Make sure to include a call to action with an incentive to increase sales both online and in-store. And don’t forget to listen to customer feedback. Provide the ability for the person that receives the sample to voice their opinion; an online contact form works great.

    Why The Trends?

                Now a day’s free product sampling is the most important part of marketing and many companies in market are into it but still no proper platform and tracking source is available also there is no records of the sample products delivered to the customers so it’s very difficult to get generous feedback.

                THE TRENDS have made good platforms for sample product distribution, with our own distribution channel. Because of that, products will reach to the customer’s doorstep, We are giving gifts for our lucky subscribers in return of their valuable feedback, so you will be able to get the right feedback and record in very cost effective way, so you will receive further improvement and awareness about the product. Also we showcase your product in our newspaper. This will help to boost your business at every level.

     The digital age has pretty much killed the human attention span. We surf the web with many different tabs open while someone is instant messaging us, another is texting us, and “The Walking Dead” is on the TV in the background. We’re simply not as receptive to all of the digital advertising happening around us. On the other hand, Print readers don’t typically multitask when they read a newspaper, making them far more receptive to the ads within the publication.

     Print media tends to get more results than any other media, such as newspapers allow for unlimited exposure. Unlike television or radio where time is scheduled, and product is being advertised only for 30 to 60 seconds whereas prospects have potential exposure to print ads at virtually any time. A newspaper left on a coffee table can be viewed repeatedly and at the reader's discretion. The reader also has the opportunity to study the ad at his leisure. The Trends consistently offer readers high-quality, reliable content develop credibility, and advertisers can easily leverage this credibility Consumers continue to have most trust in advertising in newspapers. This is not only true for the older generation but also younger people, who use a variety of media with Internet as their dominant channel, trust on print. They judge newspapers more useful and important than social media. Print media is rated as a highly trustworthy advertising channel across all consumer segments.

    In the times of huge marketing bubble where everyone is trying to sell something and where every approach is regarded as some form of marketing gimmick, it has become quite difficult to communicate a proper advertisement to a proper customer in need. The trends came to life just to simplify this communication of a brand or product to its concerned consumer. The need of a locality based adverts had arrived decades ago but it has never be addressed in a proper manner. What we do is cover your local targets that too without any compromise of brand image. Every day we see pamphlets or other form of insertions falling out of newspaper which makes us think about the standards and genuinity of products portrayed by these insertions, but what to do there is no other proper way to address a particular locality. What is the fun of giving unnoticeable ad in a city newspaper when your target is few kilometres???

     The Trends is participant of local activities. We notice them first and get them noticed by other at their respective locality levels. Similar way we help you to avoid the hassle of poor standard display of pamphlets and get your ad in the newspaper for that concerned locality which makes it mandatory for people of that locality to have a look so as to know the happenings in their home surroundings. That also rises huge curiosity among them to see what is being offered/sold in their vicinity hence give you an ample opportunity to present what you have to offer them. Our newspaper covers all activities of these local vicinities as well as the event we organize for them. Successful ad campaigns reach targeted markets, effectively communicate a message, and drive action. Advertisers can leverage the power of print to create the most awareness and revenue possible.